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Auntie Gravity

Auntie Gravity is a 2D puzzle platformer created for my third year final major project, using Unity and Corgi Engine. 


Gameplay Loops

The core loop in Auntie Gravity is the traversal and exploration of the game world, solving physics based environmental puzzles. The primary mechanic is the manipulation of the gravitational forces and the inversion of controls.


Testing & Iteration

Iteration and testing was extremely important when developing AG. Although the feature set is fairly limited, I had to progressively introduce new mechanics and ensure the levels had consistent flow and difficulty. This was achieved by play-testing regurlaly and thoroughly.



Early prototypes can be seen below - I originally designed the game to be played on an arcade cabinet, so I was mindful to keep the control set simple and limited to 3 primary controls and general movement.


Narrative & Motives

The player plays as 'Auntie Gravity'; the devoted wife of a mad scientist whose home brew experimentation often goes awry. The player must navigate the laboratory to find her pesky feline friend 'Flux' who likes to go wandering where he shouldn't..



AG was created primarily in Unity using an add-on called Corgi Engine. A lot of the pre-existing Corgi features were modified by myself to achieve my mechanics and control set. Custom scripts were often used when I had no off the shelf option.

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